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Welcome to Teeny Tiny Theatre classes & activities

Wednesdays 9.30am & Fridays 10.30am - Teeny Tiny Tales ages 0-3 with parent/carer

Big You Little You

Aigburth Road

Liverpool. L19 3QD


Thursdays 4pm – Drama Adventures ages 5-7yrs



Rundle Road

Liverpool. L17 0AG

Thursdays 5pm – Drama Adventures ages 8-11yrs



Rundle Road

Liverpool. L17 0AG




Fridays 9.30am – Teeny Tiny Tales ages 2-5 with parent/carers


Big You Little You

Aigburth Road

Liverpool. L19 3QD

Drama Adventures.png
Teeny Tiny Tales

What you can expect:

  • Hand sanitiser station at entrances.

  • Touch point cleaning between each class and SARA Hall & Big You Little You staff cleaning rooms, corridors and toilets daily.

  • Props and equipment cleaned before and after use. If props are required that cannot easily be cleaned (eg fabric or cushions), participants may be asked to provide their own.

  • If Teeny Tiny Theatre classes are unable to run due to a venue closing its doors due to local or national restrictions or an outbreak of Covid-19 on site, all classes will transfer to online sessions, working in the same groups as the face to face classes and with the same class leader where possible.

Arrivals and Departures

Big You Little You

  • When you arrive, if the door is locked, please wait in socially distanced groups along the parade of shops outside the entrance on Aigburth Road before being admitted.

  • Parents are encouraged to wear a face covering when moving around inside the building. These are not required while participating in the class.


  • When you arrive, please socially distance when waiting outside the entrance on Milner Road before children are admitted by the class leader.


Teeny Tiny Tales classes at Big You Little You:

  • When your class is due to begin, the class leader will direct you and your child to a spot in the studio space.

  • Please leave all buggies in the shop area outside the studio as indicated. 

  • Parents may choose to wear a face covering when participating in the class and moving around the building.

  • As you enter the class space, please sanitise your own and your child’s hands and register your attendance. 

  • When the class finishes, please sanitise your hands on departure and maintain social distancing as you leave the building. 

  • Please avoid congregating with other adults inside or outside the building to allow a safe flow of people into and out of the building.

Drama Adventures classes at SARA Hall:

  • When the class is due to begin, the class leader will stand by the entrance door on Milner Road and allow the children to enter.

  • As your child enters the class space, they may sanitise their hands and register their attendance. 

  • When the class finishes, your child will leave the space (sanitising their hands on departure), supervised by the class leader.

  • To collect your child after class, please avoid congregating outside the entrance door.



  • Toilets are available at all of our venues. Please ensure good hygiene and ensure your own and children's hands are cleaned thoroughly after use.


What should participants bring to workshops:


  • Children may bring water bottles that can be clearly identified as their own or has their name on it.

  • No snacks or food are permitted in the building.

  • Coats, bags and umbrellas must be placed carefully away from other participants’ outdoor items. Please keep these items to an absolute minimum to maximise space inside the hall.

  • If you or your child needs a certain brand of hand sanitiser or gel for any existing skin conditions, please bring your own supply to use whilst attending classes.

  • Parents attending Teeny Tiny Tales classes may leave buggies outside the hall/studio.

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