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What a busy summer!

It has been so much fun bringing exciting creative activities to our families this Summer Holidays.

We began with a brilliant day of making, adventuring and storytelling at Build a Drama Adventure! The children set off for a deserted island, explored the beach, forest and climbed a mountain; only to defeat a witch to rescue a princess. The children were amazing, working collaboratively all day to make their own story.

The Mermaid swam into SARA Hall last weekend, inviting the children on an underwater adventure and asking for their help!

What a pleasure it was performing and playing with our audience.

The Mermaid is one of our interactive performances available for schools and can be booked here:

And we are having a wonderful time singing, playing creatively and storytelling at our special Teeny Tiny Tales on Holiday sessions at Big You Little You this week too.

Have a fantastic summer and don't forget to book for our Autumn Term classes now!

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